Collaboration Collective


Mountain Man Music

We are seeking musicians and songwriters for session work at Mountain Man Music recording studio. We are looking for instrumentalists of all types, as well as singers; both male and female any and all styles! Get on the “call-list” and the next time we need an artist in a specified field we can contact you for a session.

We are looking for people who are passionate about their instrument and want to expand their skills and performance abilities. Someone who can follow directions when needed and yet be spontaneously creative when asked for, a person with positive attitude and the will to give it your best.

Most recording sessions take about an hour or less depending on the difficulty of the material. Requests for sessions are 24-48hrs in advance of recording time.

Sessions are mostly “sight” reading, though some projects will have music for you to prepare with ahead of the session.

Scheduling is as flexible as possible, though most projects have a firm deadline we must maintain.


Are you a super word-smith with lyrical rhymes that tell a cerebral story?  join the Collaboration Collective guided by composer FULLER and get your music work-shopped and even professionally recorded.

please fill out the  boxes below and tell us what your interests are and the best ways to contact you.

“Call List”