Ear Adventures!

I am so excited to share this new slice of heaven I call music with you. this track is orchestral and emotional in nature. i expect it to evoke an emotional response, enough so that you see imagery which to help you enjoy the music as it takes you away on an adventure in your mind.

for those of you tech minded this track was 3 days of composing and 2 weeks of orchestrating and shaping midi performances and doing audio magic like printing stems, mixing and reverb settings. all in all, this 7 min of finished musical journey was completed in a rather short time for me. only 2 and a half weeks! granted i was possessed with finishing this and had snippets of melody and other things constantly bouncing around in my head. I look forward to coming back to this sound scape and doing part 2 in a couple of months. and of course here is the link!

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