Mountain Man Music Recording Studio

Serving the Palouse – Moscow ID, Pullman WA, and surrounding areas.

Recording Studio:

I have a live room that comfortably fits 4, with headphone monitoring for each player to communicate with the booth. If you have a large group or unique instrumentation please contact us for suggestions. We also offer mixing and mastering services if you already have audio recorded and just want some polishing for your tracks.

Quoting studio time is simple, and based on the following:

  • What you want to spend (your budget)?
  • How many instruments and performers you have?
  • How many songs you want to record?
  • How long you expect to be in the studio? (hours/days)
  • are you doing Original music or Covers?

Let me know the information above and we’ll work something out, it’s just that simple.

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Behind the scenes; working with a studio drummer, using real sheet music and a click track! It is hard to see behind my fat head, but on the 3rd monitor is the video feed of our “live room” where the drummer is working and speaking from.